Saturday, 15 October 2011

My beloved Sewing Machine.........

On a quest for a new hobby - I decided to spend my birthday money on a sewing machine. 

In truth I'm not sure why......I have never found a use for one; AND had always seen them as scary or complicated; but I had desperately needed a hobby for a while; so I just made a completely compulsive purchase, with a view that if I had spent money on it, I'd HAVE to learn how to use it.  

Unfortunately for me, SEWING had never been part of my curriculum at school - which meant once I got the sewing machine home, panic set in!

After browsing the Internet I found some excellent tutorials in relation to all sorts, including setting up the machine!

I then scoured the 'net' for various tutorials and made a few simple projects and to my complete surprise I found the whole experience both all encompassing and totally addictive; which left little room in my head for thinking about anything else.  I am totally besotted with my sewing machine.  And as time goes on I find myself growing with confidence with the whole sewing thing.

I have definatley overcome my fear of the sewing machine! :-)