Monday, 5 November 2012

My Continuous Granny Square Blanket

I recently took up crochet.  I started out with one hook and lots of odd bits of wool that I had gathered over the years. 

YouTube never ceases to amaze me with tutorials and information - and I can say, that my crochet is learned completely using this resource. 

About two weeks ago, I followed an online tutorial on how to make a Granny Square.  I follwed the tutorial and just continued adding 'rounds' and as the square grew, I decided that I would make it big enough for a lap blanket - the type of thing that sits on the back of the sofa looking pretty, but then gets dragged off and draped on your knees or around your shoulders when it feels a bit chilly.

I didn't however give any thought to where I had bought the previous balls of yarn from and to this end, when I ran out of PINK, I really struggled to get another ball the same.  But I think the mish-mash adds to it's lovely charm.

One thing that has baffled me as the blanket has grown, is the way in which the square is twisting slightly within the blanket.  I assume that this is due to either the differing types of yarn OR maybe my tension has changed at some point.  If anyone has any idea what has happend here, then do please post a comment.

I have about 5 rounds or so to add to this, before it's big enough for the lap.  However, each round now takes over and hour and so I am generally leaving this till the weekend as a treat AFTER I have completed my house chores!

I will be attending my first Knit and Natter type event on Thurday this week - and I will take my blanket to see if someone can show me how to weave in the ends.

I find the whole crochet making very theraputic.  The motion of in and out with the hook and watching something form fairly quickly appeals to me.......I never really got along with knitting because it takes ages to look like anything! 

I love the blanket.  But I am dying to try another stripey blanket.  Watch this space.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Leaves

Last weekend, I decided to take my camera out onto Cannock Chase during our dog walk.

The leaves were at their most colourful and I knew they would be falling soon.  Whilst a camera doesnt always capture the vivid colours in nature, I had to try because I knew it would only be few days until the trees foliage were 'blown' bare.

How many different colours in one picture?

And then of course I can't forget the dogs - they had oodles of fund crunching around in the leaves that had already fallen!  It must be a sea of new smells and noises to liven up their senses! Bee (right foreground and Flynn behind).

I just had to include this photo!  The two younger dogs ALWAYS have a race when they jump out of the car!  RACE ON!

Anyone who knows me, know that my dogs play a massive part in my life.   (as does the cat 'Puddin') who WILL make an appearance on my blog soon.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

My beloved Sewing Machine.........

On a quest for a new hobby - I decided to spend my birthday money on a sewing machine. 

In truth I'm not sure why......I have never found a use for one; AND had always seen them as scary or complicated; but I had desperately needed a hobby for a while; so I just made a completely compulsive purchase, with a view that if I had spent money on it, I'd HAVE to learn how to use it.  

Unfortunately for me, SEWING had never been part of my curriculum at school - which meant once I got the sewing machine home, panic set in!

After browsing the Internet I found some excellent tutorials in relation to all sorts, including setting up the machine!

I then scoured the 'net' for various tutorials and made a few simple projects and to my complete surprise I found the whole experience both all encompassing and totally addictive; which left little room in my head for thinking about anything else.  I am totally besotted with my sewing machine.  And as time goes on I find myself growing with confidence with the whole sewing thing.

I have definatley overcome my fear of the sewing machine! :-)