Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Leaves

Last weekend, I decided to take my camera out onto Cannock Chase during our dog walk.

The leaves were at their most colourful and I knew they would be falling soon.  Whilst a camera doesnt always capture the vivid colours in nature, I had to try because I knew it would only be few days until the trees foliage were 'blown' bare.

How many different colours in one picture?

And then of course I can't forget the dogs - they had oodles of fund crunching around in the leaves that had already fallen!  It must be a sea of new smells and noises to liven up their senses! Bee (right foreground and Flynn behind).

I just had to include this photo!  The two younger dogs ALWAYS have a race when they jump out of the car!  RACE ON!

Anyone who knows me, know that my dogs play a massive part in my life.   (as does the cat 'Puddin') who WILL make an appearance on my blog soon.

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